"Самые счастливые!" (Номинация: В ожидании малыша)
"Самые счастливые!" (Номинация: В ожидании малыша)
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Наталья :: 16/10/2012, 11:17
Nettie :: 25/07/2016, 20:34
to me, "Gee whiz, what a regular guy -- he just tossed that one out here like a dog biscuit. He didn't even think about it. . ."No, let me decide if that was a clever use of the mongrel imagery, or if it was spsatnneouo. The press should report, not impose analysis of intent.
Trixie :: 27/07/2016, 00:18
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Rileigh :: 27/07/2016, 07:11
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