"В ожидании дочурки)))" (Номинация: В ожидании малыша)
"В ожидании дочурки)))" (Номинация: В ожидании малыша)
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Queenie :: 25/07/2016, 20:11
Not heard of him much. Not seen him play. Is he a plmea-akyr or a hard worker like Kuyt? I would not prefer the Kuyt type. No offence to Kuyt ( i am his fan myself) but it would be good if we could say we also have flair in our flanks like Messi, Silva, Ronaldo etc.
Eel :: 26/07/2016, 18:27
That's an apt answer to an innrtestieg question
Trixie :: 27/07/2016, 00:18
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Rocky :: 27/07/2016, 07:11
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